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Be the Revolution

Challenge the Way Things Are

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Making the world a better place by bringing us all together.

Action Updates

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Ghandi once said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." While the grand majority of the people in the world are good and compassionate to each other, billions of people still suffer from countless crimes, injustices, and gross negligence that could be avoided and even prevented. While this community is primarily a discussion forum about various problems, these discussions will allow our members to contribute on a deeper level to society on a moral, cultural, political, and personal level. In addition, we will also use our discussions as motivation to work in our communities to improve these problems, and eventually find a way to enact our beliefs and discoveries to take action around our world. With the right people working together, we can accomplish anything in the name of love, justice, and equality.

If you so choose to join us, please use the first part of your introductory post to introduce yourself to the other members (name, age, and where you live is fine, though you're welcome to expound on that or add any other information you find appropriate) so we can all better understand your perspective and so we can get on something of a first-name basis.